ABC Book Challenge

ABC Book Challenge ·Week Seven·

Hi lovelies! Today I’m bringing you the challenge that I started in July, and this week we're doing the letter G. You can find week six’s post here! Feel free to discuss any of these books down in the comments! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the unread ones actually! So here’s how we’re going to… Continue reading ABC Book Challenge ·Week Seven·


52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge |Week Three|: Family

Hi lovelies I know I forgot to post this last week so I'll just make it up to you guys for this weekend and hopefully I'll remember to post this weekly from here onwards. Now 'family' means something entirely different, don't be shocked or anything but I don't see any of my biological family at… Continue reading 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge |Week Three|: Family

Book Reviews

Princess in Practice Review

Hi lovelies! We're finally posting a review today, woo! It's for book two in The Rosewood Chronicles series by Connie Glynn and it's called Princess in Practice. Shall we start with the synopsis? Lottie and Ellie are back!  Head back to Rosewood Hall with your two favourite princesses in the sequel to Undercover Princess! ---------- As… Continue reading Princess in Practice Review