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The Twelve Days Of Dash & Lily Review

 Okay let’s start, I’ve given this book a 2 out of 5 stars rating. The reasons are all below, I’m trying to be as nice as I possibly can, but I guess I’m failing.


I expected the book to be a christmassy read, and was glad I didn’t continue until after christmas as it was just so depressing and was affecting my moods.

Overall story was Lily was having a hard time when her grandfather had a minor heart attack. There were also some other things going on in her life. So Christmas came around and she wasn’t in that mood for it. Dash is trying to intervene and bring the Christmas spirit back to Lily. Generally the whole book was sorta, kinda depressing.

The relationship was just so wrong in so many ways, Lily is way too whiny, attention seeking, basically everything I hate in a girl. Dash is just too quiet and won’t voice his concerns or opinions. They just didn’t work together in my opinion since there didn’t seem to be any spark or communication between the two. It was just so unappetiting and very un-healthy to read in a book.

And with how the story went, at around 200ish pages it did feel more like 500ish pages and I was just so done with it halfway in. Even when it started to get better towards to the end, it did not make me like it any more hence the two out of 5 stars rating.

Even their overly gooey grand gestures of romance to ‘fix things’ just made me so ill and want to vomit. I just thought the story was pointless, didn’t deserve to be in a book, let alone even be branded as a ‘Christmas read’ because oh my god it just wasn’t!

So on that note, I will not be reading the first book (Dash & Lily’s Book Of Dares) because I feel like the writing nor the story would be any better if this is the sequel to it.

Till next time


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