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Hi lovelies!
Hope you’re all well and enjoying this lovely weather!
I’ve wanted to do this post for a while now and only picked up the courage to ask on my instagram for some of you to send me questions. And so now I have quite a few questions to answer, so let’s get right into it. I have linked everyone’s instagram accounts, so please give them a little follow, they’re all lovely girls!

Katie @ Flickerwix 
What’s your favourite genre?
When i started reading YA, I read a lot of contemporary, a handful of dystopians & very little fanasty (except the entire Percy Jackson & The Heroes of Olympus series – I loved them very very much), but based on my 2018 reads so far, fanasty is becoming a fast favourite of mine now. Contemporaries probably have worn itself thin with me with the amount I read. 

Sammie @ Just_keep_chasing_pages
What’s your favourite book as a child? 
Okay, as a child .. I’ll just go back to the teenager days, I remember reading & re-reading my series of Horses of Half Moon books, plus the entire series of Heartland. I was obsessed with anything to do with horses and just wanted to read all about them. But as a little child, I was obsessed with Animal Ark and would often re-read all the books. The Cat in the Candlelight was the most upsetting one for me, I remember crying every time I read it. Stallion in the Storm & Dog in the Dungeons always gave me goosebumps and I would just devour the book all over again. 

Sammy @ Sammys_shelf 
What’s your favourite OTP?
My all time favourite OTP would just be Rhysand & Feyre. It’s just something about them two that clicks so perfectly, even with their own secrets, demons and imperfections. It would always remind me of myself and my boyfriend. Also, rhysand is just super cheeky and Feyre is just so bad-ass.

What’s your favourite film adaptation?
Oh a favourite film adaptation, I don’t know .. can I use Harry Potter for this? I do re-read & re-watch this series so many times. I’m surprised the DVD’s aren’t worn down by this. Even though I hate watching Chamber in the Secrets .. because.. spiders. 

Which book character are you most like in your opinion?
This one is difficult but I would say Feyre in terms of her struggles and her recovery & journey in the ACOTAR series. But then I also see myself in Manon, especially with how she cared for Abraxos and didn’t go for appearance or strength. She picked him because he’s so different and she just knew, that he was a perfect fit for her, and only for her. Oh and with how she cared for Elide, and her Thirteen, and with the huge risks she’s taken, even for Aelin. 

What’s your top female & male character?
Okay this one’s fairly easy to answer, considering my top female character will always & forever be Manon Blackbeak! Even though she’s a witch, and a queen at that too .. there’s just something entirely human about her that just won’t back down. And for my male, okay I have to pick Rafe from A Kiss of Deception for this. I utterly adored how he was in the book, and how he even went looking for her, not once but twice. He just doesn’t give up and I loved that about him. P.s I need the next two books, I want to know what happens to my little sweetheart! 

What’s your favourite book cover?
This is easy too .. the entire ToG & ACOTAR series have the most beautiful covers ever! I just have them on my top bookshelf, taking pride & place amongst all the other books. Up there I also have The Selection series, The Potion Diaries series & Girl Online series. Oh and the first book of the Rosewood Princess Chronicles! 

Who’s your auto-buy authors?
Auto-buy authors for me are Kasie West, Sarah J. Maas, Kiera Cass, Connie Gylnn, Zoe Sugg & Kendare Blake. I loved all their books thus far and will continue to love any of their future book projects too! 

Alex @ Alexintherye
If you could combine 3 books together to create the ultimate book what would they be?
Obviously, if you know me in any sort of fraction, you know I would just put ACOMAF, Empire of Storms together because I want all my babies together in one book, and I’d also throw in The Raven Boys too! Perfect. Or A Kiss of Deception – either is fine.

What’s your favourite cake?
I don’t have a favourite, i love my Unicorn Slices, Chocolate Cakes (especiaaaallly Chocolate Fudge Cake), Victoria Sponge (forever wins my heart when I’m mad, and how could you not with all that jam & cream goodness) .. Ok, Victoria Sponge it is then! 

Kendal @ Sorceryandswords
What’s your top 10 favourite books?
I have to choose 10? Girl … whyyyy!!!!
Okay here we go; 

5. Heir of Fire 
6. Queen of Shadows 
7. Empire of Storms 
8. The One 
9. The Potion Diaries 
10. Girl Online 

I mean what did you expect? Obviously I’d put the ACOTAR & ToG series in there. 

What’s your bad bookish habits?
Leaving my books everywhere, forgetting to do the review until it’s like a year later. Oops. I’m working on that one. For not DNF’ing a book that I wasn’t enjoying even a 100 pages in. 

If you could read 1 book for the rest of your life, which would it be? 
One book? SERIOUSLY? Fine. ACOMAF, Because Feysand. Cassian. Azriel. Morrigan. Amren. All just perfect before Nesta & her moods came along. FML. 

Emily @ intofairyland 
What was your favourite book you read in the year of 2017?
Favourite book of 2017 … That would be Songs About Us! I’ve grown attached to Charlie & Olly in the first book (Songs About A Girl). But this book made me love Gabe too. They’re all my little cinnamon-rolls. And I just want them all to be happy! 

Vanessa @ ve_xo
When did you start getting interested in reading?
Probably when I discovered the Animal Ark series, before discovering Horses of Half Moon Ranch & Heartland. So maybe from the age of 6? Then I sorta stopped when I was 16, and only picked it back up with Rick Riordan’s books (only because I saw the Percy Jackson movies first) and the rest of history once I discovered booktube & found a lot more books to read!

How many books do you own?
Girl, for reals? Uh, maybe about 400-500 books. 1/4 is stored in my ‘book room’ while the rest are stacked upon each other or on my bookshelves in my room. 

Library or bookstore?
When I was younger, I favoured the library, because obviously we don’t have money to go and buy on books whenever we wanted, so I loved borrowing books for free from the library, to the point where I read everything in their Teenager section and had to venture to adult section. Mostly the thriller/horror section. But now, I favour the bookstore more, knowing that I could walk out with a new book or two that I wouldn’t have to bring back to hand it back in, and that it’s mine forever to keep. 

How do you organize your books?
I like to organise them by paperback/hardcover .. then I organise them by size, bigger paperbacks gets stacked up while I try to keep all the same size on the shelves. Then I’ll organise them further into rainbow theme! Two rainbow themes infact, one for hardcovers and one for the paperbacks. 

What was a book that changed your way of seeing a specific something?
ACOTAR series changed how I saw abuse .. especially domestic abuse. Feyre didn’t let it hold her back, even when she clearly suffers from anxiety and PTSD (which I do have both) so I’m trying to not let them hold me back either. 

What fandom have you not read yet?
Please don’t hate me, but I haven’t read the following;
Caraval, A Darker Shade of Magic, Shatter Me, Illuminae, Scythe, Rebel of the Sands, My Lady Jane, The Grishaverse, Red Queen .. just to list a few. 

I hope you’ve loved reading these questions and gotten to know me just a little bit more.
Until the next post!


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