Summer Reading Book Tag

Hi lovelies!
Today I’m bringing you a bookish tag that I saw Reagan (PeruseProject) do on booktube
(her youtube video is here) and I thought, why not do this too since I’ve been wanting to make some kind of goal to reach for this summer too!

1. What three books do you want to read this summer?
The three books I want to read this summer is When Dimple Met Rishi, P.s. I Still Love You & The Summer I Turned Pretty. Those three are contemporaries, with romance in the plot, two of them are series that I’ve yet to start, but hopefully buddy reading with Sammie will help me to at least get one series started and finished! 

2. Which character most embodies the traits of summer?
I would use Lia from The Remnant Chronicles (especially The Kiss of Deception) , at this point she has never witnessed winter, and just seeing her in hiding in a port town (reminds me of Whitby, where I’d always go every summer) and it also helps that it’s practically Summer at the time in the book too. She’s just someone that I’d hang out with every summer.

3. What book do you most associate with the physicality of summer?
I’d associate any of Morgan Matson’s books with the physicality of summer, like Second Chance Summer, Since You’ve Been Gone, The Unexpected Everything. The characters in there are all doing summer-related things, even doing ‘summer jobs’ too! 

4. What kind of books do you like to read on holiday? Any books that hold memories to certain places?
Well last time I went on holiday, we went to the Lake District (countryside, in a camping barn in the middle of a valley – oh how i miss this place so much) and the books I read while there for 2 days was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Akzaban. And even so far during this summer I’ve read fantasy, so it just looks like fantasy books is my go-to during Summer, but maybe I’ll venture into Contemporaries. 

5. If you could you go on holiday with any author, who would you go with and where? What would you want to know?
I’d take Sarah J Maas and we’d go somewhere like Norway or Finland. And I would grill her to death on what to expect in the next installments of the ACOTAR series and beg her not to kill anyone (okay except Maeve & Lorcan) in KoA. And maybe I would just demand to know what happens in KoA, and ask where she got all her inspirations from for all of her books up to date because I just freaking love them all! 

6. What’s your book of the year so far?
My book of the year so far is going to be a tie between Empire of Storms and A Court of Mist and Fury. I just love Manon in EoS and Feysand in ACOMAF. Mostly Rhysand, Cassian, Azriel, oh and Mor. I will happily throw these two series at everyone & request they read them like, pronto. 

7. How did you spend your summer holidays as a child?
I used to spend it with my sister and our mutual friend. We’d go hiking up the Hills or spending it at a forbidden park that we weren’t allowed to go to (because it’s so far away and we were too young to go that far on our own) but we’d ignore them! And just having so many water fights. Or I’d be in the library on my own, deciding what books I wanted to read and just sitting there and reading the books. I once went through a phrase of reading ALL point blank horror books there, and was so traumatised. 

8. What are your plans this summer?
My summer is just going to be a boring one because my boyfriend (who is usually home for summer as part of his leave after every big trip) is currently on his biggest trip so far, so he won’t be home until March 2019. So I guess I’ll just pack a lot of reading in while sitting out in this lovely heat, for once UK has had a long heatwave up to date (and we still haven’t had any rain for 6 weeks-ish).

I hope you all enjoyed this tag, and I tag The Opaque Reader, Ally’s Pages & Sammys Shelf
Have Fun!

Until the next post


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