Would You Rather Tag

Hi lovelies!
Today I’m bringing you a tag, I was tagged by the lovely Bibianese Book Blog to do the Would you rather tag. So shall we get started?

1. Rather read only a series or stand-alone books?
I’d have to pick series here, it seems most of my favourite books are part of a series anyway, and we get to spend longer with the characters and the plot too!

2. Rather read a book whose main character is male or female?
Honestly so far my favourite books have main female characters so I’ll pick female for this. 

3. Rather shop only at Barnes & Noble (or another actual bookstore) or Amazon?
I would choose Amazon, I shop most of my books from there since my small town doesn’t have a huge variety of books in our Waterstones store. 

4. Rather all books become movies or tv shows?
Oh for this I would choose tv shows, again more time with them and movies end too quick for my liking! 

5. Rather read 5 pages per day or read 5 books per week?
5 books per week please! 5 pages a day is not enough at all! 

6. Rather be a professional book reviewer or an author?
Professional book reviewer please. I love reading books, I just can’t seem to want to write a book myself. 

7.  Rather only read the same 20 books over and over orget to read a new book every 6 months?
Neither option are appealing so I’ll just skip this question.

8. Rather be a librarian or own a bookstore?
Own a bookstore, again even my local libraries don’t have an updated collection of books whereas I can just read from the bookstore anyway because you know .. I own it. 

9. Rather only read your favourite genre or your favourite author?
Favourite genre, most of my favourite authors are all from the fantasy genre! So this is actually a win-win situation for me. 

10. Rather only read physical books or eBooks?
Physical books for me, I always carry a book with me everywhere I go. Plus eBooks actually do hurt my eyes so no thankyou.

I had fun doing this tag, and I tag the following people;
Greenish Bookshelf
Meeghan Reads
Book Princess Reviews

Until the next post


17 thoughts on “Would You Rather Tag

  1. (My comment came a bit slow for this post! D:) Ooooh, this was a lot of fun! And I do the same with ebooks – they totally hurt my eyes after a while, so I just forever keep a physical book with me! And lol, I’m not sure I could own a bookstore since I think all of the merch would just be going home with me. D: I would never sell anything. Wonderful post, and thank you for the tag!! 🙂

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    1. Oh I understand with the not wanting to sell anything especially merch! I have some bookish candles that I don’t particularly like the smell on and one I’m actually allergic to but I just can’t sell them because they’re part of the fandom that I love

      Liked by 1 person

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