This or That Tag

Hi lovelies!
I’ve found today’s tag over at Hannah Reads & Other Things, she’s also a new blogger! So do check her out! Shall we get started?

Audiobook or textbook 
I can’t listen to audiobook to save my life, I’m profoundly deaf so a physical book it is then!

Paperback or hardcover 
Paperback, I’m in the UK so most of our books are paperbacks. And plus they’re so much more affordable! 

Fiction or non-fiction 
Oh it’s gotta be fiction. I do pick up a non-fiction but I’ve only done it three times so far!

Bookshop or online 
Online for sure, especially at Amazon!

Standalone or trilogy 
Trilogy for sure. I do pick up a standalone now and then but always find myself wanting more from the story! 

Heavy and long or short and sweet 
So far I actually do like heavy and long books! So I’ll stick with that as my option. 

Reading somewhere cozy or under the sun 
Oh it has to be somewhere cozy, I’m a cozy kinda girl. Plus what sun? 

Hot Chocolate or coffee 
Please don’t hate me, but I absolutely hate coffee and the smell of it to! Plus I love hot chocolate, especially Starbuck’s Caramel Hot Chocolate or Costa’s Caramel Fudge Hot Chocolate. Plus I have my own supply of Mint, White, Milk and Orange flavored hot chocolates!

I’m tagging the following lovely bloggers;
The Book World
Paper Eyes Girl

Until the next post! 


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