The Blogger Recognition Award

Hi lovelies!
Can you believe it? I’ve been tagged in another award! I’m just getting all the warm fuzzy feelings.


Look at it, isn’t it just so SHINYYYY?

Thank you to Alyssa @ Serendipitous Reads for tagging me in this award, you get chocolate for all the fuzzy feels I have right now. Go and check out her blog, she’s so lovely! I’m just not sure if I’m the right person to go to for blogging advice because I only properly got into blogging in.. July? Or was it June? Idk, haha.


1. Thank the blogger that nominated you.
2. Write a post to show your award.
3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
5. Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
6. Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.


Technically I started my blog back in October on blogspot before deciding to move it to here .. then I stopped because I got terrified that people didn’t like me or my blog and was judging me behind the screen. I know, it sounds so silly but that was me. I started my blog after I had instagram for a while and noticed how I didn’t just like posting pictures, I wanted to TALK A LOT. But couldn’t be bothered typing super long posts on insta especially when you couldn’t change your font or such on it. It was just annoying and ugh, I felt like the blog would be a better place for me. Even right now I’ve seemed to have poofed from Instagram, I haven’t been going on it or posting on it for a while now while I’m still here for my blog. It just shows I’m more comfortable blogging where I CAN NEVER SHUT UP, LIKE EVER.

Also while I’m here, totally talking about blogging and my blog, I just want to say..
THANK YOU FOR 80 FOLLOWERS. Let me go and have my fuzzy feelings in bed with ice cream and chocolate and tea.


Whether if its for a post, trying to come up with content or an idea, or how to type it or just feeling pressured with bigger blogs having so much success that you’re sat there going ‘blah, back to my corner it is then and staying silence forever’. Do your blog by your own standards, but don’t ever pressure yourself. Just take it as an easy, slower pace. It’ll pay off plus RESEARCH, do a lot of research on other blogs on what posts they’ve posted and do your own twist/style on it.

Imagine my excitement when I saw I could schedule my posts waaaaay in advance? EVEN MONTHS IN ADVANCE? Yeah I was a happy tiny bunny. (Yes i’m very small). So if you don’t have much free time daily, then just type up the titles of your posts and save it to your drafts. Then when you do get a morning/afternoon/evening free, get typing those posts up do several even if you do 7, 1 for each day of the week and do this weekly. You’ll be happy to have more free time for those 6 days and dedicate one to blogging your posts. Even if you have to copy paste tags/awards that you got tagged in and save it as a draft just to save time from typing it all up on that one day. PLUS LESS STRESS OVER ‘WHAT POST SHALL I DO FOR TODAY?’.

I think all you honey bunnies have enough advice, infact since I know of this award I’m gonna go search this up in the ‘readers’ section and see who else posted this JUST SO I CAN SEE WHAT ADVICE THEY HAVE. I really like advice’s, like so much.


Starburnt ReadsJillian The Bookish Butterfly BlogEnthralling Umbrella BooksPaper Royalty BlogDrizzle And Hurricane BooksBook Princess ReviewsLilis Blissful PagesBrianna The BookwormBooks Let Us EscapeThe Book Cover GirlsLittle Bookish Thoughts

Okay I give up on tagging 15 people, I don’t like tagging that many so just take 11 instead, PLEASE. Now I shall take myself to bed as it just went past 4am, no not right now. I’m scheduling this for later today.

Until the next post

19 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Thank youuu.💜💜💜 And we’re the same. It was thru instagram or bookstagram too that I decided to be serious on blogging. yes, I had a blog long before I had an instagram but wasn’t paying attention to it and then just like you I realized I wanted to talk a LOT about books… so I focused on blogging. hehe

    I love you advises…so true and on point. Thanks again and I will do this very soon.. 💜💜💜

    Liked by 1 person

  2. YES, planning ahead has helped my productivity so much. I don’t schedule posts so much but I outline all my reviews before I properly write them, just notes on my computer with all the main ideas I want to hit. It becomes so much easier to tie them all together than to brainstorm from scratch and have to think of what I want to include in my posts while I’m writing them. I don’t edit my blog posts, so getting it right on the first try relies on lots of planning. Although everyone blogs differently (duh), I find that some sort of preparation goes a long way.


  3. SUCH good advice! I also got really happy after finding out how to schedule my posts, sometimes I feel like writing 10000 posts in a day and then I don’t feel like blogging for weeks; this feature has saved me so many times

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  4. Thank you for the tag, Paige!! You’re so sweet💗 I love that you included advice about not pressuring yourself when it comes to blogging. That is so, SO important. Blogging is always meant to be fun, and even though it’s hard not to feel pressured by all of it sometimes, we have to remind ourselves that we are doing it because we love it❤️ Thank you for sharing this!


      1. Oh my goodness, same!! I had a Bookstagram about 2 years ago and it wasn’t very fun for me. Sometimes I consider making a new one to see if it’s any less stressful, but I’m not sure I’m ready for that tbh! Either way, I’m so glad we both started to blog. It’ll always be my favorite❤️


  5. Oh thank you so much for the nomination! ❤ ❤
    Scheduling really is a life-saver for me, I love having things planned out in advance so I just love bein able to schedule things like blog posts and everything and I feel much less stress that way, too 😀

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    1. So true honey. It’s saved me so many times already, Even when I have an hour spare and felt ‘bored’ I’d just hop on here, look at people’s recent posts then I go and do mine, I try and do as many as I can in that time frame then sit back and relax for a few days

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  6. Omigosh, yesssssssssssss to scheduling your posts. Before, I would just cram doing a bunch of posts in and dispense them all out at the same time, but once I found out about the scheduling tool, it became the ultimate friendddddddddddd. I can schedule a month ahead of time and just breathe. XD Your advice was so great, and I loved reading your origin story. Instagram definitely is a lot for writing the long posts, so it’s great that you translated it here (not to mention now you can chat here and still have the pretty pictures.) Wonderful post, and thank you for the tag!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thankyou so much honey. Yeah I understand how that felt. I would type up all my posts then save them as drafts and worried as to when should i publish this post, when should i post that one and so on. So I love the scheduling posts option it’s such an amazing lifesaver!

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