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Halloween Creatures Tag 2.0

Hi lovelies!
It’s the first of October, which means first day of Blogoween! Woo. I’ll be posting every day of the entirety of October, starting with this awesome new tag, created by Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward. He’s the first host of this Blogoween event, so if you’re partaking he does have a sign up post over on his blog! Shall we get into this tag?

Answer all prompts.
Answer honestly.
Tag 1-13 people.
Link back to this post.
Remember to credit the creator. (Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward)
Have fun!

A Magical Character or Book.
I’m going to go with the entire Three Dark Crowns series. I just love it so much and the powers are truly magical, with elementals, naturalists and poisoners. There’s even Oracles, and War-gifted too.

The Perfect Book to Read at Night.
For me that would be any of the books part of the Red Eye collection. I’ve already read Frozen Charlotte and the sequel Charlotte says, as part of the collection. This month I’m hoping to read Dark Room, Savage Island and Sleepless. They all have the real sense of horror and a lot of thriller and suspense too.

A Book that Truly Shocked You.
With that ending, Empire of Storms. But then the Three Dark Crowns series also shocked me too.

The Devil
A Dark, Evil Character.
Given how I’m still in the whole Throne of Glass world, I’m going with Maeve for this one. She’s just so evil, especially with how Empire of Storms ended. I hate her with so much passion.

Grim Reaper
A Character that Should Never Have Died.
I’m in two minds as to who to choose for this, but for Harry Potter series everyone who fought for Harry shouldn’t have died, especially people like Lupin, Tonks, Sirius, Mad Eye, Fred and Cedric to list a few. Then in Three Dark Crowns series Joseph shouldn’t have died, there was more I expected from him.

A Book that Made You “Hungry” for More.
A Court of Thorns and Roses and Throne of Glass series. In fact any of SJM’s books!

A Character that You Would Protect at All Cost.
Manon blackbeak without a doubt.

A Book that Sucked the Life Out of You.
Honestly I can throw the John Green books in this question, especially Papertowns, An Abundance of Katherines and Looking for Alaska. I’m hoping his Turtles all The Way Down wins me back over since I do love The Fault In Our Stars so much!

A Book that Still Haunts You.
When I was a little teenager, I read those Point Blank horror books. Never again. They scared the life out of me, even right now I still can’t get them out of my head.

A Book that Really Scared You.
There’s Someone Inside Your House, that gave me some serious creepy vibes when I read it last year. I still can’t be in the house at night, on my own.

A Character You Have a Bone to Pick With.
Honestly I’d like to sit down with Lorcan and be like what’s even up with him. He’s either with Maeve or with Elide, but he can’t have both. His decision makings have also been absolutely horrendous and put some people in danger.

A Book You Would Preserve Throughout Time.
There’s a few I would preserve, Harry Potter (the first editions), Throne of Glass, ACOTAR, Three Dark Crowns, The Remnant Chronicles. Sorry I can’t just choose one.

Creepy Doll
A Cover too Scary to Look At.
For me this cover of Campfire just gives me them awful creepy vibes. I can’t even look at it. No thank you.

The Monster Mash
It’s Fun to Be with Friends on Halloween!
Tag Your Friends!
Jessica @ The Bookworm Chronicles
Michaela @ Journey Into Books
Vanessa @ Through Prose Tinted Pages
Charleigh @ Charleigh Writes

I hope you all liked this tag, and if you want to do it then I also tag you!
Until the next post 


10 thoughts on “Halloween Creatures Tag 2.0

  1. I honestly couldn’t agree with you more on the John Green books! I love reading tags because I get to add so many amazing books to my TBR! and you honestly have me so intrigued to give TOG another go!


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