Trick or Treat

Hi lovelies!
It’s Anthony’s last day of hosting for Blogoween so his final prompt is Trick or Treat! You can find him over at Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward, so for this it’s anything to do with halloween but in bookish format.

Who would you go trick or treating with? Where would you do it? What’s your fancy dress? 

For me, I would love to go trick or treating in Cabeswater. There’s just something so magical about that place and I would totally bring The Raven Boys and Blue. We can even go to the lay lines and explore, it’s much more spookier if it’s halloween.

But if I don’t fancy the Cabeswater, then Erilea please, and get to ride on Abraxos with Manon Blackbeak, have sword fighting with Aelin, and shapeshift with Lysandra and Rowan, go hunting for food before we go trick or treating. And I would totally bring Fenrys for that too, like he’s so sensible so I’d be able to trust him.

Oh oh what about Prythian? Trick or treating with the Illyrian boys! And have Feyre there too and actually go flying with them. This is would totally love and just imagine Verlaris during the Halloween season too!

Or, we could go to Fennbirn and hang out with Arsinoe, Mirabella, Billy, Jules and Camden. Just got to be careful to steer clear from Katharine and just enjoy the festival if they host one.

Or just go to Hogwarts because of the Halloween feast. I’d bring Cath, Levi, Lottie, Ellie and Jamie from Fangirl and The Rosewood Chronicles with me. Oh and we would totally go to the Shrieking Shack and eat all our candies!

Honestly for me there’s just so many options. What’s yours?
Until the next post


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