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My Top 10 Fictional Boyfriends |Blogmas: Day Eight|

Hi lovelies!
We’re finally getting to this post that I had saved as a draft for such a long time!

I wanted to do this but felt like I haven’t read enough books yet to have a huge variety of ‘fictional boyfriends’ to pick from, not that I even play favourites (I actually do find it so difficult to have a favorite character) so shall we give this list a go?

Zain | The Potion Diaries trilogy |
I adored him when I read the trilogy last year and the start of this year however we didn’t get to see much of him so he may be bumped off the list soon when I read other books.

Jamie | Love Song |
Love Song is actually my kind of mushy book that I could just re-read so many times (i’ve re-read it twice now in just a year, and tempted to re-read for the third time). He gives me the same vibe that I get from my own boyfriend and I love this book so much so he’s staying on the list for now. 

Xander |The Distance Between Us |
Oh my god this was my first time reading a Kasie West book and I adored Xander! I loved his relationship too and just how he is in general although if I read more books I’ll probably bump him further down. 

Rafe | The Remnant Chronicles |
Oh how much did I love Rafe in the first and second books. He kinda lost me in the third one but then redeemed himself, but I still had to bump him down because of those actions. But I remember getting fluttery feelings and giddy at whatever he did for Lia. I could also replace him with Kaden but it’s still undecided. 

Peter | To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy |
Hands up if you prefered Netflix Peter than the book Peter. I do, I loved how Noah just played Peter so perfectly, and yes Noah has become a celebrity crush of mine because of that! But oh my god, Peter is so dreamy! It’s probably why I’ve reserved the third one to read during a more ‘i’m feeling down, let’s read this to perk me back up again’ so we’ll see if he gets moved up or down the list after this. 

Jase | Dance of Thieves |
He’s utterly fresh in my mind because I have just finished Dance of Thieves in November, but he’s just ugh… I adore him! And I can’t wait to see more of him in Vow of Thieves! 

Azriel & Cassian | ACOTAR series |
We’re getting into my top threes’s now and honestly you’ve probably expected the next four guys so .. Azriel he’s like that moody quiet guy that you just wanna sit in the corner with and talk to and he takes you seriously. Cassian is there for a good laugh, to wind you up and not take anything seriously, unless you’re in danger then them two just rescuing you together – OH MY GOD. 

Fenrys | Throne of Glass series |
He’s my ultimate babe in the series, although he’s number three when compared to Manon and Asterin. I would’ve put him in the first slot but since we only got to know him in Empire of Storms and Kingdom of Ash, I couldn’t just bump him up based on that. I needed to see more and I only started loving him more in the final book because how could you not! He’s dreamy, moody but just so funny!

Rhysand | A Court of Thorns and Roses series |
Okay, y’all can go away and stop laughing. Yes Rhysand is my top first fictional boyfriend because ughhhhhhhhhh….. he’s so alike to my own boyfriend so yeah it seems I do have a type. He’s dreamy, he’s caring, his actions can be judgemental until he explains them then you understand why he acts the way he does. He’s also so protective but he also keeps it reined in because he knows Feyre can totally take care of herself without help. The reasons I like him are basically based on how he acts and his personality .. the steamy sex scenes don’t do much for him so I don’t really care for those. I’ll happily have him any day, that if Chrissy allows me to, he probably would if I put Scarlett Johnasson in his bed .. although I would probably wanna get in bed with her too! 

So there we have it, my list of my top 10 fictional boyfriends that will without any doubt change next year (if not much then just a little) so I hope you enjoyed it.
Who’s your top 1st fictional boyfriend?

Until the next post


4 thoughts on “My Top 10 Fictional Boyfriends |Blogmas: Day Eight|

  1. Book Boyfriend lists are the best! TBH- Cassian would be my Book Boyfriend because he´s INTENSE. I´m definitely going to take a closer look at your Jamie ( Love Song ). My ultimate, oh so holy and untouchable book boyfriend would be Kellan Kyle. It´s been years ( !!!! ) since I first read Thoughtless and no one has ever been able to knock that fine ass off my Top 10 Book Boyfriend list.


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