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Favourite Books of 2018 |Blogmas: Day Seventeen|

Hi lovelies!
How are we all doing? I can’t believe it’s already day 17, that only leaves 8 more days left before Blogmas is over. So I’ve decided we’re going to talk about my favourite books of 2018, which isn’t many at all since I’ve been super critical in what I choose as my favourites and which I don’t like that much at all. So shall we see which books I’ve picked as my favourites?


This is the third and final book in The Remnant Chronicles, and it just happens to be my favourite out of the whole trilogy, mostly because of the action that’s all packed into it, including all the fight scenes!

The Raven Boys

Oh this book is just so whimsical and magical and just everything for me! I loved the friendship group and I also adore Gansey and Adam! The writing was also just so beautiful and I’m confused as to why I haven’t moved onto the next book in the series!


I’m so glad I did continue with the series because while I struggled with Heir of Fire because of the introducing so many new characters in, I loved one of them so much and my love for them grew even more in this book. It’s obviously where Manon and Asterin shines so much and I love them so freaking much! We also meet Fenrys and I’m just so happy because he’s literally so adorable!


The wait for this was the longest wait ever, a whole year. I originally thought the Songs About Us was a duology, not a trilogy so this was very anticipated. The title and cover wasn’t even announced until a few weeks before the publication date. It was a amazing book which I flew right through and I felt like it wrapped the trilogy up nicely too!


I’ve heard people talk about this book, but they weren’t good things but since I finished ToG and ACOTAR series, I needed to read more books with faes in. This was the perfect book for that, it helped massively with the book hangover that I was suffering so badly from.


You shouldn’t be surprised if this is on my favourites list, everyone who loved ACOTAR, actually prefers ACOMAF. It is the best book in the series because of all the character growth and just everything that happens in it. I adored how the relationship bloomed from hating him, to liking him to being utterly in love with him!

download (1)

And finally the last book since I loved The Remnant Chronicles, and finding out this is set in the same world I obviously had to read it! And I’m so happy I did because I fell in love with the world all over again even though it introduced so many new additions! I can’t wait for the next book, only 8 more months to go!

What was your favourite book/s of 2018?
Until the next post


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