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Top Books With Romance That I Loved

Hi lovelies!
Today is International Kissing Day so I figured why not share some more book recommendations where there is romance and possibly a lot of kissing in it. I’ll probably be reading a romance book today (even though I’m totally writing this post week prior to the day) so without further ado let’s get into my list.


If you haven’t seen the Netflix adaptation of this then you’re missing out on the adorable romance between Lara and Peter! You should pick this one up because it’s a must. Plus the sequel is also coming out this year so there’s an extra excuse as to why you should read this.


The couple of this trilogy don’t stay together all the way through, they do break up but eventually get back together. I just loved them together and didn’t like whoever was crushing or trying to make a move on Penny, like nope Noah is always going to be my favourite to have with Penny. It also has another favourite trope of mine which is the whole normal girl meets famous boy and they start dating, I’m a complete sucker for that.


All I can say is utterly adorable book, the whole romance didn’t blossom like in the others. She was stubborn and didn’t want anything to do with him, plus she found him annoying but when they finally got their shit together it was cute! Plus wedding event planner as the backdrop of this story, yes please!


The romance doesn’t develop until much later into the book between at least four different people. One set is a f+f romance and the other is a f+m romance, but they’re both equally cute and who can refuse a romance in a convention setting?


After binge reading Girl Online, I wanted more books that had a regular girl and a boy band, so I came across this and two other series that had the trope in it. For this one the romance doesn’t develop straightaway because the boy had a girlfriend, who he then gets rid of because it wasn’t working. The romance then starts developing and it’s so cute just reading about it, even seeing her friendship with his friends in his boyband also develop too which I loved so much. It’s perfect if you want a pick-me-up mushy kind of read, on a miserable rainy day, plus I’ve read this three times already and tempted to read it a fourth time too.


I obviously have to mention this one because holy crap I love the romance between Lia and a guy in this. I obviously don’t want to say much because spoilers if you haven’t read this series. There is some sort of love triangle in it but it’s not confusing and it’s clear that Lia is confused as to who she likes, but even just it’s too adorable. I binge-read the trilogy because I wanted to see more of them so if you want a good romance that’s included in the plot then give this one a go!


ACOTAR finally gets mentioned after so long but this has my favourite romance ever, even my all-time favourite couples! The romance is there with Feyre and a guy in this first book, but then something happens and that fizzles out on her side, and she takes the entire second book to move on from him and developing a new romance with someone else which I loved! Plus can we talk about how he treats her, he’s so patient, just so encouraging and doesn’t pressure her to do things that she doesn’t want to do. I’m just waiting for the next books to come out, please SJM make this happen soonish.


And the last top book on this list is this beauty of a book, yes it’s short, yes I wanted more! But the romance in this is just too cute and I loved everything about it, there were some funny moments in the book which just had me cackling so much, if you loved ACOTAR, then try this one out.

So that just about concludes my list of top books with romance that I loved, but what I want to know is what’s your top books with the romance that you loved? I’m looking for more to add to my tbr or to bump up my tbr so please leave yours in the comments!

Until the next post


5 thoughts on “Top Books With Romance That I Loved

  1. Ahh this is such a great list! I love Lara Jean so, so much, can’t wait for the sequel to be adapted on Netflix. It’s such a great book series ❤ and Queens of Geek warms my heart so much as well ❤


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