The Spring Has Sprung Book Tag

Hi lovelies!
How are you enjoying the spring weather? It’s been unpredictable here, we get sunshine then hailstorms or just a lot of rainy weathers. So I figured on this miserable day of hailstorms that I’d do a spring tag because who can refuse a good ol’ seasonal tag? I can’t remember where I found this one because I had it saved in my drafts since forever so thank you to whoever posted it, and without further ado let’s get into the tag.

1. | Flowers |
Look on your bookshelves. What is the most beautiful book both inside and out?


The romance in this is literally too adorable and just how beautiful is the cover, I’ve also seen the cover for the second book and oh my gods it’s beautiful too!

2. | Grass |
What is a book that you find that others like way more than you do?


I’ve read this back in January, I know it’s a very hyped and well-loved series but I just couldn’t get into it, it’s not for me at all. Everyone even loved Cardan while I just hated him so much. I enjoyed some parts of it, especially Jude but that’s all.

3. | Rain |
What’s a great book that lifts your spirits when you’re down?


I can always count on this book to cheer me up every single time, it’s such a adorable book and I love it with my whole heart.

4. | Dew |
What’s a book that made you feel alive?

The Raven Boys

This book is literally everything, but what made me feel even more alive was when they were all at Cabeswater, oh even when I went and got a Cabeswater candle it was just reminding me of how the Lake District smelt in the morning, and ugh I just wanted to go back there!

5. | Storms |
What’s a book that you found unpredictable?


This book is a mystery, yet when I thought I was predicting things, it then goes and throws me off track several times. It’s just like Caraval, don’t believe everything you read because the actual truth doesn’t come out until the last few pages!

6. | Rainbow |
What was a book that you struggled with, only to be happy that you read it in the end?

download (1)

Y’all remember when I had to re-read this a second time because I got to like 50 pages in before DNF’ing it, but I’m so glad I picked it back up when I was poorly and had no distractions, I was able to read it all and even though it’s not my favourite, I loved it for the fact we got to meet Manon and the Thirteen.

7. | Chilly Weather |
What’s a book that you couldn’t finish or didn’t enjoy?


I really didn’t enjoy this, yet it’s another one of those hyped books that everyone seemed to love, while I almost DNF’d it, but Chrissy pushed me to finish it. However I will not be picking Legendary up or even purchasing Finale, it’s just not for me.

8. | Warm Weather |
What’s a book that loved and wanted more of?


I will always mention this one because yes it’s a trilogy, but how she ended the third book made it look like she was going to write a fourth book! There was clearly an open ending where it pretty much says that our mc is going on a new adventure in a Hollywood environment I think, and I’d love to read that!

9. | Green |
What’s a book that you haven’t read yet, but really want to?


This is a new release that came out in January and I’m just absolutely dying to read it, I’ve seen a review on this and honestly I’m even more excited to get to this one. It’s giving me those ToG vibes so I really need to pick it up very soon.

10. | Pink |
What’s a book in which you felt a strong connection to the characters?


I will always forever relate to Manon and Asterin, they’re my ultimate babes and deserve the entire whole world!

If you made it this far, I tag you;
Destiny , Kate , Anthony & Gerry

Until the next post


9 thoughts on “The Spring Has Sprung Book Tag

  1. Thank you for the tag! I shall do this one and will try and aim for spring 😉

    I’m the same re. Caraval. I finished it but just didn’t like it at all, I was so hyped for it but I gave it 1 star in the end because I was just highly irritated by everything all the time. It’s a book that people either really love or really hate I’ve noticed!

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